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Electric Under Floor Heating Installations & Repairs

Under Floor Heating Installations:

Here at dkp Electrics we will work with you to help choose and define the most appropriate electric heated flooring for you – all of which are fully tested and certified by our company.

Electrical under floor heating installation is an affordable solution for taking the chill out of those cold floors. It can be installed under virtually any floor and is a superbly efficient way to warm up a room. Constant low temperatures spread out over a large area helps reduce your energy bills.

Underfloor Heating Installation & RepairsUnderfloor Heating Installation & Repairs

When installing under floor heating you can section off parts of the room to heat up one side or area most used and have reduced or zero heat on the other portion.

In the modern home this kind of heating also frees up space by eliminating the need for wall-mounted and sometimes unsightly radiators, giving you a ‘cleaner looking’ living space.

Underfloor heatingRewiresUnderfloor heatingUnderfloor heating

If your underfloor heating is installed by a professional installer/electrician, this should last you a life time. It is therefore advisable to have a professional installer fit your underfloor heating. We are experienced in this field of work, have extensive knowledge about UFH and are aware of the common pitfalls that can arise if not installed correctly.

Once your underfloor heating is installed, it can be very costly to repair or replace if a fault should arise and most times, if installed by your common builder or tiler, it can be difficult to get them back 2 years later to repair it, which is typically when faults begin to surface.

Our advice is always to use a professional installer for your electric underfloor heating installation. As the proverb says, "buy cheap, buy twice!"?

Under Floor Heating Repairs:

Under floor heated cables are inherently delicate and susceptible to damage. This is why we test all our electric mats before, during and after installation. However, if you discover a damaged mat post-installation, we have specialist diagnostic equipment designed to trace the fault to its location where we can then remove the tile and repair the cable.

Underfloor Heating InstallationUnderfloor Heating Wiring

Please get in touch as we can find & repair most electric under floor heated cabling, safely.

To book a repair or arrange a free quote for under floor heating, please do give us a call.

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