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Mains Powered Smoke and Heat Detectors

A Smoke detector is an important piece of safety equipment and has saved thousands of lives since it was first introduced. Unfortunately many battery powered smoke alarms are either too sensitive or located in the wrong place, resulting in it activating when least wanted. The value of a correctly installed and working smoke detector in this situation is usually overlooked and batteries are often removed and not replaced.

Mains Powered Smoke detectors are less likely to follow suit as they are directly connected to the power source. They are also fitted with a battery back-up in case of a complete power failure as well as a built in silence button for false alarms. They can also be linked to other Heat and Smoke detectors around the home, enabling all alarms to sound at the same time. This can be either by wiring directly between the devices or by fitting mains powered wireless smoke detectors.

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Wireless Mains Powered Smoke and Heat Detectors

Wireless mains powered smoke and heat detectors benefit from the same as wired, except the signal sent to other units in the property is via a radio wave, this eliminates the need to run extra cabling and can save time when installing.

Smoke detectors really do save lives and could be your only warning so it is worth investing in for the safety of those around you.

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Smoke Detector Certificates

Once we have installed either wired or wireless smoke detectors, we can issue an NICEIC Certificate for work to confirm that they meet current regulations and that they are fitted in the correct locations. Many smoke detectors are installed in the wrong places which can delay their operation or cause false alarms triggered by external influences.

Smoke Detector CertificateFire Alarm Control Swwitch

We also issue smoke detector certificates for routine checks on landlord rental properties, extensions, loft conversions and many more.

If you have any questions regarding what type of protection you need, please give us a call.

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